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Restore Your Smile’s Foundation

Have you lost one or more teeth? Then most likely you’ve experienced bone loss in your jaw as well. While a natural consequence of having missing teeth, bone loss can lead to more complications with your remaining teeth and bite. Sometimes this bone loss is associated with abnormal oral structures or periodontal disease. In any of these cases, you may experience too much bone loss to qualify for dental implants to replace your missing teeth.

Bone grafting can help you experience a better quality of life with dental implants.

At Tabor Dental Associates, we are trained in many of the procedures that help patients prepare for dental implant treatment. Using specialized techniques, we can rebuild the foundation of your bone and create a healthy environment for one or more dental implants. A step in your treatment process, bone grafting in Hendersonville, TN can help you experience a better quality of life and confidence with dental implants!

Bone Grafting for Your Unique Case

Our dentist, Dr. Jayson Tabor, offers multiple types of bone grafting treatments right in our office, including sinus lift surgery, ridge augmentation, and socket preservation. In general, bone grafting is the process by which bone material (either from the patient’s own body or a donor source) is added to the area of the jaw that is thin and weak. Most often completed as part of a dentures or dental implant treatment, our bone grafting services in Hendersonville, TN are personalized to your unique situation to ensure optimal results. We provide the following treatments:

sinus lift graphic

Sinus Lift

When the jawbone thins and recedes, the maxillary sinuses can expand, taking up disproportionate space in your upper jaw and cheeks. In addition to changing your facial shape, sinus enlargement and jawbone loss can make it unsafe to place dental implants. During a sinus lift procedure, the sinus membrane is raised so that bone grafting material can be placed beneath.

ridge augmentation graphic

Ridge Augmentation

When a tooth has been lost traumatically or when a tooth has been missing for a long time, it causes bone to absorb (shrink away) along the jawline. This means that there isn’t enough available bone to support an implant. In such cases, a ridge augmentation adds bone grafting material to the site to restore proper bone levels and density.

socket preservation graphic

Socket Preservation

When a tooth needs extraction, we generally recommend a socket preservation procedure at the time of surgery. Bone density in your mouth depends on the presence of healthy teeth. If a tooth is removed, then the remaining bone will resorb. Socket preservation maintains the bone levels, so an implant can be placed in the future without the loss of any facial structure or support in the meantime.

dental implants patient smiling

Bone grafting has direct benefits for your health and future quality of life.

Benefiting from Bone Grafting

Bone grafting has direct benefits for your health and future quality of life. With the proper bone levels in your jaw, you now qualify for dental implants to replace your missing teeth! Providing a solid foundation for these tooth replacements means you can potentially enjoy the benefits of a stable, strong smile for the rest of your life. Best of all, our team can complete all these procedures right in our Hendersonville, TN dental practice, and sometimes in just one surgical appointment! With a smile restored to proper health and function, you’ll be able to enjoy the many benefits of bone grafting and dental implants: better health, greater confidence, and a gorgeous smile.

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