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Root Canals Remedy Deep Dental Issues

Lingering tooth sensitivity after eating or drinking something hot or cold? Sharp pain when biting or chewing? Swollen gums around a painful tooth? A toothache is sometimes a sign that infection has damaged the pulp within your tooth root. This can be the result of a severe tooth crack or fracture, injury to a tooth, or extensive tooth decay that has reached the inside of the tooth. Without treatment, the infection will continue to cause tooth pain, can lead to a tooth abscess, and in worst cases will require the tooth to be extracted altogether.

Our dentist at Tabor Dental Associates, Dr. Jayson Tabor, is trained and experienced in providing successful root canals that will help you keep your tooth for many years to come.

If you’re experiencing any noticeable symptoms, especially a severe toothache, we have a solution! Our dentist at Tabor Dental Associates, Dr. Jayson Tabor, is trained and experienced in providing endodontic treatment including root canals in Hendersonville, TN. Root canals treat and remove the dangerous infection and inflammation inside your tooth before it can spread. Don’t let the stigma surrounding this procedure cause you apprehension or lead you to put off your treatment. When we offer root canal in Hendersonville, TN they’re designed to comfortably eliminate your tooth pain (not cause more) and ultimately save your natural tooth!

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The Root Canal Process

If the pulp inside your tooth roots becomes infected, this and the bacteria inside the canal must be removed to save your tooth and your overall health. During your root canal procedure in our Hendersonville, TN practice, Dr. Tabor will first numb the treatment site with local anesthetic. You won’t feel any pain, though you may experience slight pressure as we complete the procedure. Many patients compare our root canals to having a cavity filled!

We’ll remove a portion of your tooth crown to gain access to the pulp chamber and clear out all the infection, bacteria, and damaged pulp and tissues. Disinfecting and cleaning the canals is the next step before filling them with a hardening material called gutta-percha. Your tooth will then be sealed to keep bacteria from entering the chamber and root canal. You’ll need a dental crown to ensure your tooth remains strong and functional after treatment. In general, you can expect the following benefits from treatment:

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When a Tooth Cannot Be Saved

Sometimes, the infection inside a tooth is too extensive for root canal therapy to provide any significant benefits. When this is the case, we offer gentle tooth extractions and replacement of your tooth with a dental implant. Following advanced protocols that Dr. Tabor has trained in extensively, we can often replace your problem tooth the same day it was extracted. In one seamless appointment, we can eliminate your toothache, provide you with a permanent alternative, and restore your smile with a custom CEREC dental crown! If you’ve let your toothache cause discomfort for far too long, know that you have solutions at Tabor Dental Associates, whether that be a root canal or dental implant!

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