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Your gum tissues play a big role in how attractive your smile appears and how well your mouth functions. Even slight problems, such as an uneven gumline or limited tongue movement, can have significant consequences. You may be feeling self-conscious because of a “gummy” smile or have trouble eating and speaking due to tongue-tie. For all your soft tissue concerns, we welcome you to seek treatment from our experienced dentist, Dr. Jayson Tabor. Using the gentle, minimally invasive, and precise power of dental lasers, he provides both aesthetic and functional soft tissue treatment in Hendersonville, TN to improve the look and health of your smile.

For all your soft tissue concerns, we welcome you to seek treatment from our experienced dentist, Dr. Jayson Tabor.

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The Power of Laser Dentistry

We have two dental lasers—the Picasso diode laser and DEKA CO2 laser—that assist us in soft tissue recontouring and frenectomies. These lasers are minimally invasive, meaning they are a painless alternative to scalpel-based procedures. Using the power of the laser light, we can gently and quickly vaporize selected tissues instead of cutting them away like with conventional treatment. This greatly improves the precision of your treatment and keeps healthy tissues intact, while only targeting problem areas. You’ll experience greater comfort and minimal bleeding, swelling, and pain during your recovery. Most patients can return to normal activities on the day of their laser dentistry procedure!

Restorative Tissue Treatments

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Soft Tissue Recontouring

A “gummy” smile can leave anyone feeling too embarrassed to smile openly. Our laser soft tissue recontouring can remedy this condition with incredible precision. With the targeted beam of laser light, we can artistically reshape your gum tissue to arch symmetrically over each tooth. Effective at both removing unsightly excess of gums and helping the teeth appear “longer”, you can enjoy a more proportional and attractive smile—with noticeable results immediately after the procedure!

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Frenectomy surgeries are generally completed on infants, but if you are still suffering from tongue-tie or lip-tie as an adult, we recommend a visit to Tabor Dental Associates. When the frenulum, the tissue that connects the upper lip and the tongue to the mouth, is too tight, this can affect everything from speaking and swallowing to the position of teeth and an increased risk of TMJ problems. Our laser frenectomy treatment gently removes the restrictive part of one or both tissues to allow for greater and more comfortable movements.

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