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Care as Unique as You

At Tabor Dental Associates, each of our dental implant treatments are unique and reflect the specific goals, needs, and budgets of our patients. We may take longer to develop a treatment plan for you or spend more time discussing your options than others, but this is all done to ensure your expectations are met and you’re satisfied with the outcome. Therefore, you can expect your consultation for dental implants in Hendersonville, TN to be comprehensive and personalized—true relationship-based care that you’ll experience throughout your entire treatment. We encourage you to learn more about what you can expect with your dental implant treatment at Tabor Dental Associates, then reserve your consultation or free second opinion with us!

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Why Choose Our Team?

Our implant dentistry team at Tabor Dental Associates has the compassion, expertise, and technology to provide you with an amazing dental implant treatment experience! Our leading implant dentist, Dr. Jayson Tabor, is highly skilled in implant dentistry, having completed training at some of the country’s most highly regarded institutions, including the Misch International Implant Institute and the Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. He has placed over 2,000 dental implants, from single to full arch, with predictable success by leveraging the power of surgical technologies such as CBCT imaging, iTero® digital impressions, and nSequence® guided surgery. With our aesthetically driven approach, your surgery is exact and the results incredibly detailed and personalized. Your new smile will look and feel completely real, with the strength to provide everyday function for the rest of your life.

What to Expect at Your Consultation

At the beginning of your consultation, we’ll introduce you to our implant team who will be providing your treatment. Our team will conveniently complete both the surgical and restorative phases of your treatment right in our office to ensure the highest possible quality and efficiency. We want you to have an amazing experience that results in the smile you’ve always wanted. Our team is here to help you realize the permanent benefits of dental implants and how a new smile can change your life for the better.

Our state-of-the-art practice is equipped with many technologies that help make your treatment process smooth and predictable. You’ll receive a CBCT scan and digital impressions with our iTero® scanner. These 3D images assist us in precisely planning out your dental implant placement and in creating the custom surgical guide we’ll use during the procedure. We want your smile to last the rest of your life, so we meticulously plan your surgery—where each dental implant should go and at what angle—to provide the greatest functional benefits.

Each of our patients presents unique oral health situations and goals for treatment, as well as specific sedation needs. This is why we take so much time addressing your concerns, discussing your goals, and completing diagnostics. All these together create a comprehensive picture of what you want and need from which we can then develop a custom treatment plan (or plans). While you’ll most likely have multiple options to choose from, we always use only the highest-quality materials scientifically proven to provide function and natural aesthetics for decades.

At your consultation, you also can discuss financing options with our patient care coordinator in addition to learning about our high quality materials and dedication to stand behind every service we deliver. Financing makes it fast and easy to pay for more complex or lengthy treatments like dental implants. We never want you to feel like this amazing treatment is out of reach for financial reasons, so we’re here to make sure you have affordable options. We partner with CareCredit®, LendingClub, Proceed Finance, and Lending Point and can help you apply for one or any of these options. Rest assured, your new smile is within reach!

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